E.S.K complexion correction patches are like a secret weapon for our skin. With their unique combination of dissolving hyaluronic acid and microneedles, they work wonders in targeting and correcting complex skin concerns. Get ready to delve into the world of these innovative patches and discover how they can transform your skincare routine.

Evidence Skincare Complexion Correction are dissolving hyaluronic acid microneedle patches that specifically target hyperpigmentation. E.S.K’s Complexion Correction combines the benefits of evidence based active ingredients, like 4-N-Butylresorcinol (a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor) and Retinal, with dissolving microneedle technology. These unique Microneedle Patches provide improved results in managing hyperpigmentation (particularly age spots – solar lentigines) and help to reduce fine lines and increase skin elasticity and volume. They can be used on any area of the face, neck and decolletage.

Each patch of E.S.K Complexion Correction contains 2,000 dissolving micro needles made of hyaluronic acid. Each needle contains active ingredients delivered directly to the deeper layer of the skin, delivering improved results. Hyperpigmentation is one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat, requiring patience and multiple ingredients together. Historically, the “gold standard” ingredient used for managing hyperpigmentation, hydroquinone is often irritating and cannot be used for more than 3 months. But 4-N-Butyltresorcinol (4NB) is both highly effective and extremely well tolerated.

“Dissolving microneedles are exactly what they sound like – hundreds of tiny needles less than one millimetre long that painlessly puncture the skin, releasing a payload of actives as they melt into the skin. The purpose is twofold – to actually traumatise your skin because when it starts to heal it stimulates a cascade of growth factors that stimulate production of new skin cells along with collagen and elastin to rejuvenate the skin. The second is to allow – in this case anti-pigmentation ingredients embedded in each needle to get past the skin barrier (or stratum corneum) delivering these critical ingredients directly into the deeper layers of the skin.”- Dr Ginni Mansberg, Co-Founder of E.S.K explains

Dr Ginni Mansberg, Co-Founder, E.S.K

The tip of each dissolving needle contains the following active ingredients:

4-N-Butylresorcinol (4NB 0.3%): The most powerful inhibitor of the pigment forming enzyme, tyrosinase, 4-N-Butyltresorcinol (4NB) has strong evidence for combatting pigmentation, is well tolerated and can be used safely for long periods of time and in pregnancy. “Not only has 4NB been successfully trialled for hyperpigmentation in dissolving microneedle patches, there is evidence that using a 4NB skincare product together with 4NB in dissolving microneedle patches delivers even better results than using either a cream or a patch alone,” Dr Ginni said.

Retinal (Vitamin A 0.1%): Retinal is a form of Vitamin A and is clinically proven to be 20 times more powerful than its old school cousin, Retinol. Retinal has been shown to help even out pigmentation as well as promoting collagen growth and increasing skin elasticity. It is exceptionally well tolerated, even by sensitive skin.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 4%): Niacinamide prevents the transfer of pigment from the melanosome to the superficial skin cells, making it an effective lightening agent. It also helps build collagen, prevents blotchiness, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also repairs the skin barrier.

E.S.K’s Complexion Correction Patches also contain Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol and Ferulic Acid.

Usage of Complexion Correction Patches:

Step 1: For use at night on clean skin or even better, over skincare. Ensure that skin is touch-dry.

Step 2: Remove patch from plastic packing. Remove the white protective strip surrounding the patch. Make sure not to touch the needles.

Step 3: Apply patch to the desired area. Smooth patch over the skin, applying gentle pressure. A light prickling/ scratching sensation will be felt. Repeat until the prickling sensation is no longer felt.

Step 4: Leave the patch on for at least 20 minutes or (preferably) overnight.

Recommended minimum usage frequency: 2 times weekly.

E.S.K Microneedle Disolving Patches are available at eskcare.com