Having always left my manscaping requirements to professionals, I was a little cautious about having a crack at what I perceived to be such a dangerous operation myself. But my fears were soon allayed.

One of Manscaped’s mantras is ‘show you care by caring for your pair‘. They offer an extensive range of products for the rugged, and not so rugged individual who likes to keep themselves fresh and tidy all over. This includes:

  • The Plow 2.0 – an old-style single blade double-edged safety razor ‘for face use’
  • The Weed Whacker – an electric ear and nose hair trimmer
  • The Shears 2.0 – a luxury 4-piece nail kit
  • The Lawn Mower 4.0 – the latest waterproof groin and body trimmer

Plus a range of ‘formulations’ that are the perfect adjunct to the hardware mentioned above.

Products can be bought individually, but they also package up the logical products you would buy together for convenience and economy.

Things that the products share include a beautiful, sculptural and ergonomic design aesthetic that feels comfortable to hold and gives an indication of high quality standards across the range. They’ve also done away with bulky power adapters. USB powered cables mean you can take a single adapter with you when travelling to recharge all of your devices.

So let’s have a look at the latest products in the range!

The Lawn Mower 4.0

The Lawn Mower 4.0 is the latest and greatest version of Manscaped’s groin (and body) groomers and it has a broad feature set to ensure a safe and close result.

The SkinSafe replaceable blade helps prevent nicks, snags and tugs and snaps in and out for cleaning and replacement. It is supplied with two trim guards for different desired hair lengths. And it is waterproof, so you can trim dry or in the shower and just run the trimmer under the tap to clean.

The Lawn Mower 4.0

It has a wireless Li-ion battery that will last up to 90 minutes when full charged, and you can use the supplied charging dock or in fact any wireless charging pad to recharge.

It also has a really handy LED spotlight built in to guide you in those dark crevices and a travel lock so that it’s not your suitcase buzzing on the luggage conveyor when you go to pick it up.

So what’s it like to use?

The trimmer is light and precise. Using it dry and with the higher of the two guards it plowed through the hair easily with no tugging or discomfort. The trimmer is easy to use around sensitive areas, being mindful to keep the skin taut, as per Manscaped’s instructions, the hair falling away and and the already clipped bits are clearly visible.

For in-shower use, I was a little concerned that the smooth finish might make it a little slippery, but it is perfectly sized and shaped to ensure there are no accidents. The guides are a little difficult to use with wet hair, but removing them completely allowed for a completely smooth finish. Again, the result was perfect, even if when wet it is a little more difficult to keep skin taut. But no nicks or cuts – which is very important.

Although the packaging insists that the Lawn Mower is ‘designed for groin grooming’, tests on chest, back and underarm hair proved that it is equally proficient in these areas too!

The Weed Whacker

As we (eh-hmm) mature a piece of kit like this becomes an essential. The hair on the top of our heads may get thinner, but hair in the ears and nose tends to grow like weeds as we age. But even amongst the more youthful, there is nothing that knocks around an immaculate first impression than wayward hairs sprouting across the face.

In the past devices like this have been painful to use, tugging on the hair, easily clogged and difficult to clean.


The Weed Whacker really is a revolutionary electric ear and nose hair trimmer. What makes it superior:

  • Replaceable, 360° Rotary Dual-Blade System with SkinSafe Technology
  • 9,000 RPM Motor
  • Powerful, rechargeable 600mAh li-ion Battery
  • Waterproof Intelligently Contoured Design

The instructions couldn’t be any simpler; turn the power button on and slowly insert the comfortable cone tip into your nose or ear. Allow Weed Whacker to trim hair for at least 60 seconds and then clean the device.

Like the Lawn Mower it has a beautifully crafted feel and a great first impression of high quality design and manufacturing.

The results?

For all of the reasons that similar devices may have been a pain to use in the past, the Weed Whacker excels.

The first thing you notice when you pick it up is the ergonomic design; curved, sculpted, smooth and easy to hold. Switch it on and the next thing you notice is the speed of the motor. It sounds fast and smooth and gives you confidence. The 360° rotary dual-blade precisely cuts hair without threat to the skin. It would be really difficult to snag, nick or tug skin in the ears or nose using this.

Moving the device around the your nose or ears will ensure that you trim all hair to the same short level without the fear of tear-inducing pulling. And because it’s waterproof you can use it and then clean it in the shower.

One of the problems with similar devices I’ve owned in the past is that once the blade becomes a little blunt, you need to replace the complete device. Manscaped offer a replacement blade saving a perfectly serviceable battery and handle going to landfill.

Nose and ear hair be gone!


Men’s health and hygiene is at the core of MANSCAPED, and they have teamed up with the Testicular Cancer Society to raise awareness on this issue that impacts men of all ages. This means not only designing the right tools for the job, but raising awareness for the ball-busting disease, which is the most common form of cancer among men ages 18-35.

As part of their brand mission, this partnership aims to educate and entertain while spreading a very important message about early detection and self-screening to protect against men’s health issues and cancer risk.